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Who we are

Reinventing Construction Industry with IoT, GIS and BIM

Entering a new era of Technology

ETag is located in Hong Kong. Since 2013, we provide BIM Data Management, IoT,  IoT infra-structure delivery and IoT consultancy services.  We deliver the infra-structure to enable the Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity and BIM CDE framework.

Internet of Things (IoT) is an adoption of advanced technologies spanning from sensors,  automatic identification applications, smart devices, different kinds of network grids such as telecommunication and transportation etc., to various kinds of user-oriented applications  supported by the Internet backbone.

Our Specialties

Internet of things (IoT) 


Geographic Information System (GIS)


Building information modeling (BIM)

BIM Data Management

Single board computing

BMS Integration


Empower your construction professionals with data 

E Tag Solution & Services Ltd.

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