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大灣區 精品工程

It is our first project in the Mainland. MiC and Steel Structure (鋼結構技術) technologies are adopted in this project which covers 250,000 square meters. Because of the tight delivery schedule, we made a simplified CDE platform to facilitate real time progress monitoring by both HK & Mainland teams. The customer treated the project as Greater Bay Area exquisite construction project.

  1. BIM Model upload to Autodesk BIM360

  2. Forge Web Hook Notification to customer Smart Site platform (智慧工地平台) when there is a new file version

  3. Collect the updated BIM model from BIM 360 by Forge API

  4. Smart Site platform notifies the user by e-mail

  5. HK / Mainland users view the updated BIM model on Smart Site platform (智慧工地平台)

Most importantly, the above process is triggered automatically upon a BIM model is uploaded to BIM360.

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