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Pui Ching Primary School Digital Campus 培正小學啟動數碼校園

Lighting and Air Conditioning systems play an essential role in our daily life. However, maintaining a wide range of campus electrical network requires a great deal of energy and financial costs. Moreover, leaving the lights and air conditioners on for too long negatively impacts the environment. Looking to reduce energy consumption, Pui Ching Primary School (培正小學) came to E Tag to help implement a cost-effective control system for its municipal Lighting and Air Conditioning system.

• The required solution that is both easily scalable to accommodate future growth, and also able to reduce overall maintenance and energy costs.

• The solution enable campus staff at the central control center to turn the lighting / air conditioners ON and OFF by ethernet network.

• Integrate with the existing door access control system. Only the campus staff with the identity card is entitled to turn on the lights and air-conditioners after the school hours.


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