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Large BIM Model Display in Web

When the user encounters a large model display (> 2GB), they usually select Navisworks format in the Forge output. However, it is not a good practice because most of the BIM information is lost. In order to maintain the BIM information and achieve the best display performance, SVF2 is the ideal choice.

Autodesk Forge Model Derivative service produces SVF2 derivatives by optimizing and sharing meshes within the same Viewable, and even across multiple Viewables when possible. Because of this optimization, SVF2 format greatly reduces the Viewable storage size and speeds up viewing and loading performance. But note that SVF2 will take longer to translate.

In the below video, it is a 2.8GB Revit model in a zip file and 80 linked rvt files are stored. Autodesk Forge spends only 30 seconds to display the Revit model.

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